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The role of the South East European NSAs in the Cyber Security 




South East European National Security Authorities (SEENSA) was created in 2011 on the initiative of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Secretariat with the full support of NATO Office of Security (NOS) and EU General Secretariat of the Council Security Office as a forum of the Heads of National Security Authorities (NSA) from the SEE Countries members of RCC to develop common measures for the protection of classified information in the region. 


The role of the SEENSA is to facilitate exchange of views and ideas in the field of regional security cooperation and contribute to the strengthening of the regional security, stability and building of trust. SEENSA aims to achieve commonality of security practices and procedures for the exchange of classified and where appropriate other information with limited distribution. SEENSA provides a forum to discuss ways to adapt security practices to continuing changes in the overall security environment in South East Europe in close cooperation with NOS and EU General Secretariat of the Council (Security Office). 


At the Bled Strategic Forum 2018 the Director of NSA Slovenia and the Directors of the South East European NSAs as well as the Secretary General of the RCC Mr Goran Svilanović discussed (roundtable) the role of the South East European NSAs in the Cyber Security. 


The event also included the conference - National Security Authorities of the six countries (6S NSA) - Meeting of the Directors of the National Security Authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.