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NATO security workshop for non-NATO countries and international organisations, Brdo pri Kranju, 21–25 September 2015


The Government Office for the Protection of Classified Information in cooperation with the NATO Office of Security within the NATO Headquarters in Brussels co-organized and hosted an international meeting of the leading experts from NATO partner countries (Algeria, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Egypt, Finland, Georgia, Ireland, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malta, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine) and international organisations (Council of the European Union, European Commission, EEAS, EUROCONTROL, OCCAR).

The participants were addressed by Mr Todd J. Brown, the Director of the NATO Office of Security and Mr Boris Mohar, the Director of the Government Office for the Protection of Classified Information.

The meeting discussed a wider aspect of security in connection with the NATO individual security policy in the field of classified information protection including personal, physical, documentation and industry security as well as the information systems security. The meeting also included and considered the modern aspects of protection against internal threats, cyber defence and safety culture and awareness.