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Physical protection procedures and measures shall provide the protection of premises and security areas housing classified information with the aim to make access to the premises and the security area impossible for unauthorised persons.  The measures shall be carried out by means of specially elaborated procedures, i.e.:

– organisational,

– technical security and

– physical protection measures.

Organisational measures are those laid down by the director of an agency with the purpose of providing order, security and undisturbed work of the employees.  Via these measures it shall be specified who has permission and in what way for the access to individual parts of a building belonging to an agency or organisation.

Technical security measures shall be adapted to organisational measures. They shall ensure the implementation of organisational measures, because the building access points, individual parts of buildings, offices and security areas require the installation of technical security systems to make access for unauthorized persons impossible.

Technical security measures shall include:

– intrusion detection systems (installation of alarm systems in the premises, at entrances and exits, card reader systems, installation of security  locks and latches etc.),

– mechanical protection systems (partitions, security  gratings, anti-intrusion doors, anti-intrusion foil etc.)

– video monitoring systems (installation of video monitoring systems, fixed and movable  cameras etc.).

Physical protection measures are measures and procedures by way of which security guards shall carry out direct control of persons, vehicles etc. The tasks of the security guards at various locations (where protective measures are carried out) shall be precisely defined.  Security guards may perform protective measures in the following ways:

– by way of direct physical protection (at a monitoring point – at a certain workplace),

– by way of protection in the control room (monitoring the situation around the building or in the building with video monitoring cameras connected to the control room, taking alarm system calls and alarming persons in charge),

– by a plan of patrol tours in the building or premises and

– by intervention in case of alarm  activation or an emergency call (blocking points etc.)