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Personnel security related to the protection of classified information means that every person who requires access to classified information in order to discharge his/her tasks or functions shall undergo vetting procedure. A vetting procedure shall be designed to determine the loyalty, dependability of a person and other circumstances due to which the person could be exposed to various forms of blackmailing. Even after having obtained permission for access to classified information every person shall receive training in the field of classified information protection. The persons shall also sign a statement certifying that they are acquainted with the Classified Information Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 50/06 – consolidated version, 9/10 and 60/11) and the regulations based thereon. In case of a violation of the rules relating to the handling of classified information or a suspected offence prosecuted ex officio, the director of an agency or organisation or other person authorised by director shall forbid the access to classified information for these persons until the conclusion of the disciplinary procedure.