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The Inter-Ministerial Expert Working Group for Communication Security (COMSEC) was established in April 2011 on the basis of a Decision of the Head of the Government Office for the Protection of Classified Information. Its tasks are to:

  • evaluate cryptographic solutions in accordance with the Commission's Instructions on the approval procedure for the use of cryptographic solutions, No. 0220-1/2010/61 of  7 December 2010;
  • be directly involved in the development of cryptographic solutions;
  • keep records of approved cryptographic solutions;
  • provide efficient and appropriate selection, introduction, management and maintenance of cryptographic solutions;
  • define national standards for cryptographic primitives;
  • follow technical information on NATO and EU cryptographic solutions used to handle national, NATO and EU classified information in the national CIS;
  • cooperate with its counterparts in Slovenia and abroad and within international organisations responsible for COMSEC and related CIS Security issues;
  • deal with other COMSEC issues.